Prince of Lions

by E. Elizabeth Watson

“Not a typical romance…” Abandoned by her father-in-law, Gwenyth is starving and waiting for a miracle when a strange knight stumbles upon her. Born to a cruel outland liegeman, Sir William never planned to marry and have children of his own, but he soon finds himself falling helplessly in love with Gwenyth, swearing himself her protector. With marriage on his mind, he returns her to her father in the highlands. Except he soon discovers he is not the knight he once thought. Turmoil is brewing led by Gwenyth’s father-in-law. It is only a matter of time before William must march his army to quell the rebellion and subdue the unruly Lord Feargach. And while Gwenyth is now home, she is not safe from Lord Feargach who will stop at nothing to punish her. Spies are afoot, war is unavoidable, and secrets long kept unravel as William confronts his past and struggles with both his love for Gwenyth and his duty to the Crown. And Gwenyth learns that courage is not just for men with swords. She cannot wait for more miracles if she is to be saved again.

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Category: Historical Romance