Prince of Ashes

by Fae Lennox

An innocent young bookwork is mated to the Prince of all Dragon Shifters.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sasha liked reading books, feeding her cats, and being sarcastic. You know, simple things. She never thought that she would be mated to some smoking-hot dragon shifter… for life! Sasha didn’t even know shifters existed before she met Jax! She is forced to make a decision… reject the life-mate bond and let her life go back to normal, or take the leap of faith and let the Prince take her.

Jax, the Prince of all dragon shifters, is on the run. The shifter war is over, but it still haunts him. Even worse, someone wants that war to begin again, and they want Jax at the forefront. He never settles in one place for long, always running to a new city once they find him… That all changes when he finds his life-mate. The bond is irreversible, pulling him towards the woman from his dreams. Will he drag her into the violence and chaos of his life, or let himself fall into madness by ignoring his primal bond?

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Category: Paranormal Romance