Price of Past Sins

by LaShelle L. Turner

How do we let go of the past when we haven’t paid for the sins we committed back then? This is what Patrick and Tracey Mitchell had to ask themselves. A tale of redemption where the past keeps coming back to haunt the people of Atlanta.
Tracey Mitchell spent her life trying to live a life of luxury. A woman with a beautiful body and an equally beautiful face used them both to get what she wanted but never got to keep any of it. She had it all once, but it was taken away. Now all she devises a plan to secure her future by using the true paternity of her young son as her lottery ticket out of a life of poverty. But will it backfire and destroy her already tattered life?
Fresh out of prison, Patrick ‘Po Boy’ Mitchell seeks forgiveness for his drug dealing past. He left his sister, his girlfriend, and his daughter to deal with the fall out. Now released early from prison, he sets out to make this right. Can he fix the lives of the loved ones he destroyed? Can he forgive himself?
Elaine thought she had it all, an upcoming fabulous wedding to a handsome fiancé and the pending purchase of a dream house in the most sought-after suburb in metro Atlanta. Then she lost it all. After her fiancé unceremoniously dumps her, Elaine throws herself into her work. But an unlikely attraction pulls her back into the love game.

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Category: African American Romance