Prey For Me

by John Casti

World-renowned scientist Victor can’t resist his attraction to Alex, a brilliant financier-and his addiction to her touch drives him over the edge.

The two are thrust together as business partners in the risky world of London finance, complicating and raising the stakes of their personal games. As Alex’s behavior becomes increasingly violent, Victor suspects that she is behind the sinister actions involving others in the firm.

Yet, Victor’s intellectual curiosities and desires are piqued by this added dimension of mystery and danger. Alex toys with his emotions like a well-played guitar … then disappears.

Who will win this psychological game of sensuality and desire?
Short: World-renowned scientist Victor is thrust together with Alex, a brilliant financier in the risky world of London finance. Alex plays with Victor’s emotions and her behavior becomes increasingly violent.. Who will win this psychological game of sensuality and desire?

Praise for John Casti’s Paradigm Lost
“A Deep and careful pleasant consideration of what science is and how it is done. It would make anyone want to be a scientist.” –Isaac Asimov

“Extraordinary…brought off with considerable erudition…absorbing reading”
–Kirkus Reviews

Praise for John Casti’s X-Events
“I am assiduous reader of John Casti’s books. He is a real scientific intellectual.” –Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

“One of America’s greatest pioneers of simulation.” –London Times

“Casti is at his best in presenting difficult philosophical ideas enthusiastically and lucidly, and in presenting everyday examples to illustrate them…Entertaining and absorbing.” –NY Times Book Review

“Dazzling … A delightful tour de force … Casti [is] a good teacher.” –LA Times

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