Pretty Little Princess

by Ivy Thorn

To save my family, I’ve been sold to our enemy.

Pyotr Veles is heir to New York’s most treacherous Bratva. He’s also cold, calculating, cruel–and my husband-to-be.

But the terms of the truce that will save the ones I love are clear. My marriage to Pyotr will prevent a mafia war that could shatter both of our families.

My new fiance is skilled at playing the perfect prince. Enough so that he convinces me to give up my virginity.

But afterward he spares little of the pretense. I’m nothing more than a means to an end to him.

My part, I’m told, is simple. All I have to do is be his loyal bride.

But my role seems far less simple when I get pregnant before our wedding night.

And this game of playing Pyotr’s pretty little princess isn’t one I’m sure I can survive.

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Category: Erotic Romance