Pretty Little Cunt

by J.C. McLaren

Under the new social order, every recently-of-age female has her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder. She is then legally required to put in three years of service at the Community Cunt Center. As a community cunt, she has one primary purpose– to use her body to bring pleasure to legally of-age men.

This story follows Jaycee. Growing up with the unique childhood of being raised by both her caring birth master and her mother– who actually love each other as well as her– has made accepting life as a community cunt challenging. Her ongoing resistance to accepting her lot in life as a mere object is seen as an act of rebellion and invites severe discipline from the men who wish to use her and maintain the patriarchy.

In walks Jaime- good looking, charming, and claiming to prefer seduction to force. He’s about to turn Jaycee’s world upside down.

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Category: BDSM