Pretend To Be Mine

by P.G.Van

Dheeraj does not believe in marriage, but given the circumstances, he is not left with much choice. He needs to move fast to make sure everyone around him believes he is getting married for real and to the right woman, even if it’s for only two years.

Anjali never expected a complete stranger to propose a marriage contract as if he were offering her a job with a salary and benefits package, especially the first time they meet. What he offers is tempting enough for her to give in, so she can fulfill her dream and keep the promise she made to a loved one.

For their friends and family, Dheeraj and Anjali are a loving couple who fell in love at first sight, but they both have an agenda. Their reasons for the marriage contract were different, but what they never expected is what happens when two people start living under the same roof pretending to be a couple.

Sparks fly and butterflies flutter between stolen kisses, but when they start to find out more about each other’s reason for the fake marriage, will they still honor the contract? Will love make its way into the contract as a clause?

Note: This is a stand-alone romance with a passionate couple that finds their HEA. This book is recommended for mature readers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance