Prairie Ghosts

by AnneMarie Dapp

When Cathy Brennan leaves her home in Nebraska to travel the Oregon Trail with Shane Mackenzie by her side, she embarks on a journey of romance and adventure unlike anything she’s ever imagined!

Cathy Brennan is leaving the comfort of her Nebraska home to travel the Oregon Trail. It’s the spring of 1849 and she’s brutally unaware of what awaits her upon her departure. Despite the many hardships ahead, romance is on the horizon. Childhood friend and love interest, Shane Mackenzie, earns a place in her heart, wrangling cattle and dangerous obstacles along the trail.
Love blossoms and the couple soon find themselves embraced by their new family of traveling companions, a lovable cast of gold prospectors, gamblers, and even a fast-talking Madame and her charming ladies of “ill-repute,” risk life and limb as they journey across the Great Frontier. Together, they challenge conventional beliefs.
The young pioneers will soon discover an evil lurking within the seemingly quiet plains of the northwest.

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Category: Western Romance

The Phantom Portrait

by AnneMarie Dapp

The White Raven cozy mystery series keeps you guessing until the end.

Art history master Jade Mackenzie is mourning the recent death of her mother and starting a new life for herself in Pacific Grove, California, where she’s inherited her grandmother’s cottage by the sea. She opens an antique shop in the heart of town. The appearance of a legendary white raven sets in motion events that cause her to question her own sanity.

After discovering a portrait of a man dressed in 18th century garb gazing at the sea, she begins having bizarre dreams and visions. Is the portrait changing? Could the alterations actually be glimpses of the past or future? As if that’s not enough, Jade’s research into the portrait brings on the wrath of an ancient cult.

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