Playing to Win

by Amalia Theresa

When dating is a lottery, you have to play to win.

Sully and Kate have been playing their own dating game since their freshman year, competing for ultimate bragging rights. Kate is sure that personality trumps all, and Sully refuses to settle for anything less than perfect chemistry, but they’re both determined to be the first to find The One. There’s just one problem: after years of living as strictly platonic roommates, sparks have begun to fly at home.

But Kate needs her best friend—Sully is the only safety net she has left. Add in the fear of not living up to Sully’s super high bar for sexual chemistry, and feelings or not, kissing that frog might be too big of a risk.

Either way, the rules of the game they’ve been playing have changed. And Kate and Sully are rapidly approaching a crisis their friendship might not survive. Not unless they’re both willing to go all in.

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Category: Contemporary Romance