Playing Pretend

by Natasha L. Black

When playing pretend gets you everything you never knew you wanted…

Book 1: Pretend You’re Mine

I woke up next to a stranger.
Just pretend it’s real he says.
He needs a fake wife for the holidays to get his family off his back.
Maybe I can take this lemon and make lemonade…

Book 2: Let’s Pretend

She’s worth everything I’ve got.
I want her all for myself.
And I want to make this fake marriage real.
Even if that means fighting for her safety with my own blood.

Book 3: Pretend I’m Yours

We’re only pretending.
We’re not really married.
We’re not even having sex. Yet.
It’s only a matter of time.

Book 4: Faking It

I was looking for a hassle free “wife on paper” when I met Allie.
Which meant… no drama and no love.
A three-year long commitment was all I needed to get my family’s ranch.
But our undeniable chemistry burned that plan to the ground.

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Category: Contemporary Romance