Playing Pretend

by Katy Kaylee

“You pretend to be my fiancée for this wedding, and I’ll protect you from your step-brother.”

I mean, what could possibly go wrong! Until…

Well, let’s just say I wanted to say goodbye to virginity, and then I wanted to feel his hard, chiseled body, and then I wanted to be a part of his life – forever!

He’s from military – a s€xy, single dad who needs a baby sitter for his six year old.

I’ve never done this before, but there’s always a first time.

The problem…his charm steals my heart every time I look at him, his smile takes my breath away and his touch makes me beg for more.

And now, I’m starting to see a future with his daughter and him.

Please tell me we’re just playing pretend and my situation won’t change anything.

Not even my chance to have a baby with him…

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Category: Contemporary Romance