Pirate’s Bounty: A Time Travel Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When curious college student Riley stumbles upon a mysterious time machine, she’s suddenly transported to the crew quarters of an old wooden ship.

When the all-women sailors discover the stowaway, they take her to the captain who reveals that she’s captive aboard the Joan of Arc, a seventeen-century pirate ship. After the captain informs Riley that she’ll have to work to earn her keep, the vessel is soon besieged by a much larger pirate ship.

While receiving an impromptu lesson in swordsmanship, she and the other crew members manage to fend off the invading ruffians, whereupon they find a treasure map aboard the opposing vessel.

As the crew sets out to find the location of the mysterious treasure, Riley proves her value using her knowledge of modern weaponry and warfare to help her sexy new crewmates survive one harrowing adventure after another…

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Category: Erotica