Pink and Country

by Emmanuelle Snow

Falling for my broody new neighbor has never been part of the plan.

Carter Hills is my moody and hot-as-hell country music star new neighbor.
How I didn’t recognize him when I rented the cabin next to his is still a mystery. Yeah, I bet he had a great time messing with me on purpose. And disrupting all my plans.

The guy is not only Nashville’s most eligible bachelor, but he’s a pain in my a**. Worse, he’s acting like he knows better. He’ll discover I can master that game too. That I’m not some innocent damsel in distress.

My pulse picks up every time we’re together, but his attitude should be enough to ward me off him. But the more I get to know him, the closer I wanna get. Despite our banter, Carter is always coming back for more, and my month-long retreat isn’t going as expected. Blame it on the intoxicating chemistry we share.

Am I willing to risk indulging in the fire searing between us?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Princess and Country

by Emmanuelle Snow

I’m falling (hard) for my best friend/bandmate’s older brother. Can I keep my crush under wraps before it messes up our upcoming tour?

The day he walked past me with a loose towel around his hips and droplets of water cascading down his chest sent the plan to hell.

He’s never looked at me this way. I would remember the feeling: melting inside, pulse racing, and skin blazing with awareness.

My heart is set on him. Even if he’s older, he’s all I crave.

We’re meant to be together. No matter the cost. Fame, money, and success are my new reality. But they are not enough to patch my broken heart as I miss him. I’m here, he’s there, and my heart isn’t whole when we’re apart.

Just when we finally find our balance and things between us could finally make sense again, life has its own game plan ready for us.

Is falling for my best friend’s brother and following my heart worth the risk?

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