Perfect Fit

by Juliana Conners

Her shoe’s not the only thing that’s a perfect fit.

Prince Charming shouldn’t get stood up for his wedding. Yet here I am, without a bride, and soon I’ll be without my crown unless I can bring a fake fiancee with me to the altar. Easy, right? Not when I finally find the perfect pretend princess who insists on putting up a fight. She’s dressed in disguise and I don’t know her name but her captivating curves leave me spellbound and her seductive smile enchants me. She’s way younger than me, and hasn’t even experienced that first magical, explosive moment. Yet. After she runs away, leaving only a shoe, I’m on a royal mission to find the foot it matches and slip it in snug and tight so we can create the kind of happy ending that dirty fairy tales are made of.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance