Penalty Box

by Kayla Tirrell

*In arena soccer, blue cards are given for causing a severe injury. The offending player must spend time in the penalty box.*

Silas broke Miriam’s heart two years ago.

Now he’s stuck in the penalty box.

Miriam loves working for the local professional arena soccer team. She’s gearing up for the Storm’s best season yet but the new lineup has one major problem—Silas Jenkins. The guy who broke her heart has returned, and she’ll have to play nice or risk losing her dream job.

Silas made the biggest mistake of his life two years ago when he signed with a rival soccer team in hopes of pushing his career to the next level. He realized too late that he left the love of his life behind. Now, he’s trying to make things right. But between adoring fans and teammates with a grudge, he’ll be lucky if Miriam gives him the time of day.

When Miriam and Silas are thrown together for outreach events, will old feelings be rekindled?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance