Peep Show: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

While trolling through the classified listings of her city’s underground newspaper, Jade comes across an interesting ad. A local theater catering to the LGBT crowd is hosting a ladies-only casting call every Friday night where performers are encouraged to disrobe and perform an erotic dance in front of a crowd of strangers.

Intrigued, Jade buys a ticket to this week’s performance and is shocked what she discovers when she arrives at the theater. Instead of a typical strip-club setup, the stage is decorated with a single Victorian bed highlighted under a bright spotlight.

When the first nude performer walks shyly onto the stage, at first she pulls the sheets high up over her chest while she pretends to touch herself. But as the crowd continues to encourage her, she becomes progressively more brazen until she’s writhing on the bed completely naked in the throes of a powerful climax.

Excited to try it for herself, Jade decides to audition at the following week’s show. While waiting in the wings for her turn to perform, she meets a sexy brunette who shares some performance tips and ideas. As Jade gets increasingly aroused beginning to perform for the audience, her new friend decides to join her on stage where they give the crowd the most erotic show of their lives…

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Category: Erotica