Payback and a Bottle of Merlot

by Bria Marche

Mia James almost has it all…
At thirty, she is a successful photographer with the craziest friends in the world, living in a picturesque village. The only things missing are a husband and kids.
An appointment to show her photography portfolio brings her front and center with Jack Barnes, a successful Manhattan businessman. Mia is smitten, and they marry less than a year later. Unfortunately, the marital bliss never shows up. Jack, the absentee husband, has a secret: someone else is occupying his mind and bed.
Mia has no idea until a chance sighting reveals Jack with his mystery woman.
Payback is definitely in order and way overdue. With help from her friends and a lot of Merlot, Mia needs to take Jack down.
Hilarious speed bumps, hiccups, and crazy calamities along the way turns Mia’s ridiculous plot for payback into a chance for unexpected friendships and real love.

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Category: Romantic Comedy