Past Barriers

by Emily Miller

She’s stuck on the past and he is too afraid to face his.
Indulge in the captivating world of romance and suspense with “Past Barriers,” the first installment in the enthralling Behind the Facade series by acclaimed author Emily Miller. Prepare to be swept away as you embark on a thrilling journey filled with heart-pounding emotions, intense longing, and unexpected reunions.

Mandy, a woman burdened by the weight of her past, finds solace in escaping her ten-year high school reunion. Little does she know that her weekend retreat will take an unforeseen turn when she discovers that the cabin they rented is owned by none other than Cody Ferman, the irresistible jock who once captured her heart.

As their paths intertwine once again, long-forgotten feelings resurface, reigniting a passion that refuses to be ignored. But beneath the surface, old scars and unresolved conflicts lurk, threatening to shatter their newfound connection. Will Mandy and Cody find the strength to confront their pasts and overcome the barriers that stand in the way of their love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance