Papa Noel

by Nikki Landis

They call me Papa.
A tough and rugged old biker that’s never been tamed by any woman.
I live by the code of my club and stand by it. No matter what.
Hell, I’d die for my brothers and the MC we fought so hard to build.
In fact, I nearly did.
Loss has tarnished my soul and left me a bitter man.
I’ll never be anything else.
When a young kid goes missing, and his single mother shows up on my doorstep,
I don’t hesitate to go in guns blazing.
But this rescue mission isn’t like any other.
Torn between duty, loyalty, and my selfish heart –
I’ll have to make a decision that impacts more than just my own life.
This Christmas I’m bringing gifts . . .
And it’s a Noel full of hidden surprises.

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Category: Holidays Romance