Paint Me: A Romantic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When lonely divorcée Jade sees an ad for a nude bodypainting workshop at the local supermarket, her interest is piqued. She books an appointment and is excited when she’s paired with a pretty redhead at their first session.

As Jade begins painting Bree’s body and the two exchange playful banter, she finds herself growing increasingly attracted to the girl. By the end of the workshop, both women are at a fever pitch of excitement. When they share a shower together upon completion of the workshop, they experience their first lesbian encounter.

At the next session, Bree chooses to paint Jade’s body with a faux business suit. The design is so convincing that they decide to test it outside with a group of strangers. When everybody seems oblivious to her nude condition, they raise the stakes with a ride on the local subway train. During their ride home, they have more fun than they ever imagined teasing each other in plain sight of the other passengers.

At their third and final session, the instructor announces that they will be using edible body paint. Each of the workshop participants chooses a different succulent theme and by the time everyone is finished, the studio devolves into a cacophony of sighs and moans as the partners enjoy their masterpieces together.

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Category: Erotica