by Siren Crow

Starting over was supposed to be easy. I was almost there until some hotshot weapon’s dealer whisks me away from my job, kidnaps me and tells me he owns me.

Aranzeiros Faeborne wasn’t just one of the wealthiest men in the country, he’s the Prince Regent to a fantastical world I never even knew existed. In his world, the only way he can become the true king is if he takes a bride.

There’s just one problem with that. Through the promise of a treaty, the Elven Prince has the right to any human mate. Don’t see the problem? Prince Aranzeiros wants me as his bride. Why would he want plain ole me?

As his queen, he promises me a life I can only dream of but only after giving him my full submission. With invading forces threatening to expose and invade his mystical homeland, I have no choice but to be the first piece of the Faeborne Brother’s intricate puzzle.

Why am I falling for his mysterious darkness? And why am I so determined to feed his obsession of owning me?

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Category: Paranormal Romance