Our Satyr Prince

by Dylan Drakes

A dark and spicy queer fantasy that blends Ancient Greek, werewolf and vampire mythologies: where the moon is transforming people into power-thirsty satyrs, gorgons, and sirens. Expect wicked betrayal, dark intrigue, and monstrous lust.

Aurelius can have any man he wants. Disinherited for his ‘deviant’ lifestyle, the heir of Mestibes has schemed and screwed his way back to prominence. Then, a chance comes to reclaim his lost power. War is coming, and the only man who can help is Calix, heir of Ardora. Now, he must put his seduction skills to the test. But first, he will uncover Calix’s monstrous secret. And discover his own primal thirst.

Teigra is living a wasted life. The best pegasus rider in the city’s history, reduced to a grovelling bachelorette. But when she is sent on a dangerous mission with her cousin, Aurelius, she’ll be tempted by the powerful women who fills her with forbidden desire.

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Category: Fantasy Romance