Orc Bought

by Emma Alisyn Fae

On the run from Fae slavers, the best chance of survival is to submit to the Immortal Sorting.

I’ll be claimed by an Orc in exchange for protection. The price? A life of servitude.

But Commander Uther Bachbracht, fearsome warrior with a hidden tenderness only for me, wants more than a concubine; I’m the woman he chooses to be his wife.

My lies may jeopardize our future, but I have no choice but to trust his honor, no chance to rest before enemies find me.

Either I’ll live by my Orc blade, or die by it, and the Commander is willing to kill to protect what he has claimed.

ORC BOUGHT is a standalone steamy orc monster fantasy romance, for readers who like strong, protective, cinnamon roll heroes, bride auctions, pregnancy, post-apocalyptic alternate earth settings, magic and adventure, and morally gray worlds. Features a pragmatic but vulnerable heroine over thirty-five, a diverse cast, and some potentially sensitive content.

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Category: Paranormal Romance