Oral Arguments

by Ian Finn

Am I falling for the enemy?


I was crushed when I found out my long-term boyfriend Gage had been cheating on me for years.
All I can do now is try to put that relationship behind me and focus on my future career goals.
At my law firm’s outreach event, I meet Calvin, a quirky, cute artist, and sparks immediately fly.
Things are going great between us and I’m starting to think, “Gage who?!”
Then I’m assigned at work to represent Gage, of all people, in a lawsuit his ex filed against him.
Gage is such a manipulative jerk that he specifically requested me, just to screw with me.
And my boss won’t take no for an answer.
Imagine my surprise when I find out that the person suing Gage is my new flame, Calvin.
Yep. I’ve been falling in love with the guy Gage cheated on me with!
But Calvin swears he was just as wronged, as he hadn’t known Gage was with me.
We were both played— and are still being played— by Gage.
And now I’m being forced to choose between love and career.

Can Calvin and I find a way through this legal and personal drama to our own happy ever after?


I moved all the way from San Francisco to New York City to be with my boyfriend Gage.
But after I arrived, I found out he had had a boyfriend here all along!
I want nothing to do with him and I give myself a year to see if I can make it as an artist in NYC.
My only solace is in meeting Matt, a sweet, handsome lawyer.
When I find out that Gage is selling the paintings I left at his place on eBay, I see red.
I have no choice but to sue him, which falls right into his evil trap to keep messing with me.
Imagine my surprise when I find out that his lawyer is my new flame, Matt!
We didn’t know we had the same ex, just as we hadn’t known he had been cheating.
And now we have to stay on the down-low so as not to mess up the case.
I can’t understand why Matt is representing the ex he swears he’s over as much as I am.
I tell myself he was just a fling and that I don’t need him in my life.
But I can’t seem to let him go, so maybe I should let my paintings and the lawsuit go, instead.

Will our love for each other destroy both of our careers?
Or is there a way to come out as a real couple and find lasting happiness?

Oral Arguments is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers, coming out, secret relationship steamy male/male romance. A full-length standalone novel of over 60,000 words with no cliffhanger, it combines humor, heat, heart, and a very happy ever after.

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Category: LGBT Romance