One Step After Another

by Bethany-Kris

He finds the unfindable, but she’s terribly good at hiding …

Penny Dunsworth is dead.

Well, she should be—a piece of her certainly is. The broken girl she once was no longer exists. Now a trained assassin for The League, she’s turned into the worst nightmare for the monsters who once haunted her every waking moment.

Luca Puzza is chasing her ghost.

He’s never once been able to catch her in the five years that he spent searching. Until now. But the woman he was looking for is only a shadow of who he finds. She’s dangerous … for his heart and life, and so are the secrets she’s protecting.

One can only play with monsters for so long before they start to notice you’re not the same, and here … predators can just as easily become prey.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance