One More Night #1

by Ali Parker

Music is my escape.

My band, Destitute, has never had an easy road to the top. It’s been a fight, a hustle, a struggle every step of the way, but we did it.

We’re the biggest band in all of LA. No one can take that from us. Not even the demons in our past.

Most of the f*&kers walking around these streets perceive me as arrogant and wild, but I worked hard to earn those stigmas.

It’s all part of the game.

Women come and go like the wind. None of them looking for love, but lust, fame – my money.

But who could blame them? A cold-hearted bastard like me deserves what he gets, until her.

Our new PR agent shakes me to the core of my being, wakes me up, forces me to feel things I thought were long gone.

I only have one rule – never get involved with anyone in the business.

Good thing rules were meant to be broken.

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