One Moonlit Night

by Tina Marie

Her curiosity is piqued…

After fleeing an obsessed fan, divorced author Abbi Petersen is loving her secluded life. With a lake in her backyard and nobody around but her menagerie of pets, Pearl Lake is the perfect spot to get lost in her writing. However, when a sexy but younger neighbour moves in next door, clumsy Abbi wants nothing more than to appear as the sophisticated intellect she is, but she falls flat on her face — literally.

Hollywood’s leading British actor, Ben Quinn, is hightailing it out of Tinseltown. Leaving the glamour, glitz, and paparazzi behind, he buys a house in Pearl Lake on impulse. Ben is quite content staying invisible to everyone — until he meets his new neighbour. The attractive quirky, woman next door has him intrigued; she has no clue who he is.

Can Abbi trust a stranger, or is he the stalker she escaped from?

$1.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance