One Moment’s Pleasure

by Rue Allyn

San Francisco, 1870, Boston-born Blueblood, Edith Alden never quits. Hiding both her fears and her identity, the spinster searches a notorious bordello to find a missing sibling. However, she discovers only resentment and aggravation, due to an interfering, holier than everybody, stranger who insists on her rescue.

Dutch Trahern buries a shameful past beneath hard-earned respectability. The last thing this escapee from the gutters needs is a disdainful prostitute refusing his valiant rescue. With gossip about this infuriating woman battering his reputation, Dutch is plagued by an irresistible yearning to claim her as his own.

Terrified by the deadly criminals her bold rescuer crossed, Edith denies her desire for him and lies to keep him safe. Although Dutch wants both his respectable life and his lovely firebrand, once he discovers her true identity, he knows she is beyond his reach.

Can a Boston spinster and a Barbary Coast gutter rat find love despite their differences?

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Category: Historical Romance