One Forked Up Thanksgiving

by Claire Raye

Chloe Adams is sick of men and sick of dating, having been through one bad relationship too many. All she wants is to go home for Thanksgiving, forget about her last failed relationship and enjoy the holiday with her family.

Seth Mitchell has crushed on his best friend Chloe for as long as he can remember. Not wanting to risk their friendship, he keeps his feelings to himself, even as he watches Chloe go from one wrong guy to the next.

But when Mrs. Adams starts in early with her questions about when Chloe’s going to find herself a nice man and settle down like her brothers, a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday seems like a long shot.

In a bid to put an end to her mother’s incessant questioning, Chloe decides to ask Seth to come home for the holidays with her…and pretend to be her boyfriend.

Will Seth be able to keep his feelings to himself and fake this Adams’ family holiday or will it be one forked up mess?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance