Once Upon an Angel

by Nancy Fraser

Two heroines, two heroes, one meddlesome arch angel. What could possibly go wrong?

Ariel’s an angel-in-training who has only one task she must complete to earn her wings—help the man she left behind find true love. She’s tried twice before, and failed. Or, did she?

Mark is a newly arrived soul in Heaven, one who was taken far too soon. He’ll need Ariel’s help to acclimate to his new, and totally surprising, surroundings.

Rick misses Ariel, yet is determined to move on with his life. Can this new barista at his favorite coffee shop be the woman he’s waited for?

Sabrina’s totally head over heels for the handsome Vice Principal, Rick. Yet, she comes with some hefty baggage. Can they make it work?

And, what has the arch angel Gabriel done to hasten this double romance along?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance