Once Upon A Winter

by Lara Alspaugh

Maggie Logan never wanted to be divorced. And starting over as a newly single mom of twin ten-year-old boys and the sole owner of Beyond Blooms—Blue Water Bay’s cozy flower shop, isn’t easy. When Lucas Woodward comes to town, she gets a glimpse of what life could look like if she let herself have a little fun. Maggie knows she shouldn’t fall in love with the charismatic playboy—but love has a mind of its own and before she knows it, Maggie is in deeper than she ever imagined.

Lucas never stays in one place long. He only came to Blue Water Bay to get away from the mess he left behind in Key West, visit his sister Frannie and decide what to do next. But when long-time friend Maggie’s ex-husband lets her down again, he can’t help but step in. Soon, Lucas finds spending time with Maggie is the only thing he knows for sure he wants to do. Until the mess from Key West ends up on his doorstep, and suddenly Lucas has to decide between obligations of the past and the future he wants.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance