by Selena Robins

A survivor. A corporate shark. And a case of mistaken identity to warm the heart.

Hell on a stick. Is thirty-three too young to lose your mind? Sabrina Monroe is a survivor, but this epic streak of bad luck has worn her thin. Lately, she swears she’s seeing and hearing things.

With everything on her plate, she doesn’t have time to riddle out these oddball, mystical happenings. Corporate vultures are circling Maple Manor, the inn that’s been in her family for generations. And her new handyman looks like he’s better suited for the cover of GQ than Popular Mechanics.

Jason O’Neil can barely tell a Phillips from a flathead, but when Maple Manor’s stubbornly sale-resistant owner mistakes him for the new Mr. Fixit, he doesn’t hesitate to trade his Guccis for work boots. It’s the perfect chance to bag the lush mountain property for his company’s next five-star golf course. What could possibly go wrong?

He quickly discovers that not only is Sabrina no pushover, but he’s also enjoying the push and pull between them way more than he should. And when a new threat emerges, Jason finds himself risking everything to follow his heart—and convince Sabrina he’s her ally.

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Category: Contemporary Romance