Once a Fallen Lady

by Eve Pendle

A widowed single mother hiding from the world. The man who will teach her to love again.
Lydia Taylor’s roof is leaking, her chickens have run amuck, and the rent is due. When her daughter falls ill, she faces it as she does all challenges–alone. The last person she needs at her door is handsome schoolteacher, Alfred Lowe. His disapproving gaze seems to penetrate her fa├žade of a respectable widow and capable mother.

To achieve his dream of his own school, Alfred Lowe needs to marry a wealthy lady. But from the moment impoverished Lydia Taylor fell at his feet, he’s been inconveniently attracted to her. What begins as a duty to aid his ill pupil’s mother soon becomes much more complicated. Maybe even . . . love?

But amongst kisses, tears, and savory pies, the past creeps into the present, casting a long shadow. If they risk love, they both could lose everything they’ve ever wanted.

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Category: Historical Romance