Oleander Oaths

by Jena Doyle


I’ve made a lot of promises in my life, but none I mean as much as this: I will rain vengeance on anyone who dares betray my family. I may have taken an oath to do no harm, but words are nothing but air when I can bleed a man dry with four cuts. I’m a monster, and a stupid vow could never change that.

When a former hang-around turned traitor attacks everyone I know on club property, I can’t let that stand. No one except me knows she’s responsible. I have to be the one to protect my family this time.

Except… my dead aunt’s husband, Thor, has made it his personal life mission to be a giant pain in my ass. He’s brutal and beautiful, having trained me like his little soldier since I was a teenager. He knows everything about me, and running from him while chasing my target might take all the skills I ever learned.


Selene runs. I chase. That’s how our relationship works. When she was young and angry, she’d hide in the woods until I could track her down and drag her back. Now that she’s an adult, she thrives on making me work for it.

When she disappears the day after an attack on the club, I know she’s taken off after the woman who betrayed us. I’m the best hunter I know. I was trained by the US Navy, and I can invade, intercept, and extract better than anyone else in Madison County. But nothing could have prepared me for the way she kisses me before she leaves and how distracted I am when I set off to track her down.

I shouldn’t want my dead wife’s niece the way I do, and I definitely shouldn’t enjoy the racing in my heart at the thought of catching her and making her mine. The things I’ve done to protect her are despicable, but the things I’m going to do when I find her… they’d make a dead man blush.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance