Obsessed (Wild Mountain Scots, #1)

by Jolie Vines

He’s the leader of the mountain rescue service. She might just need saving.

For too long, I’ve been alone. Just me and my daughter. Keeping her safe is everything, so taking a job in the remote Scottish Highlands suits us fine.
I shouldn’t need anything more.
Yet I’m beyond distracted by a lass.
Smart, beautiful, and living right next door, Cait McRae makes it clear she’s not interested.
Every sly glance tells another story.
It’s all I can do not to throw her over my shoulder and take her home.
Cait might claim she only wants to explore the physical, but I know she’s wrong.
She’s mine.
If the people pursuing us both don’t destroy what we’ve found.

I always knew I was different. No one ever caught my eye.
Until a huge, scowling man moves in next door. He’s the new head of the mountain rescue service, and a single dad to a sweet little girl.
Turns out, I’m a late bloomer, as all I can think about is Lochie.
But someone else wants me.
A series of strange events point to one conclusion. I have a stalker, and the danger I’m in is only just starting.

The Wild Mountain Scots series follows on from the Wild Scots series with more of your favourite McRaes. Meet the brooding, tough, protective men of the mountain rescue and the beautiful women who tame their hearts.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Hunted (Wild Mountain Scots, #2)

by Jolie Vines

He’s a wounded hero in recovery. She’s being blackmailed.

I fled to Scotland after an incident on a movie set left me reeling. But my solace is short lived.
Someone is blackmailing me.
With a threat so awful I can’t ignore it.
Helped by a handsome, scarred Highlander, I could figure out the identity of my blackmailer. But trust is hard to come by when everyone wants a piece of me.
And betrayal comes all too easily.

After surviving a deadly attack, the last thing I need is more risk. Then a sweet, violet-eyed woman lands in my lap. She’s hurting, broken, just like me.
I’ve had a crush on the lass forever.
My work with the mountain rescue gives me the right skills to help her, and I cannot resist this damsel in distress.
But if I want to keep the beautiful movie star, I’ll need to take on those who hunt her.

Swoon with Cameron and Elise, and cont

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