Nova’s Training

by A.D. Young

Nova has never been interested in normal relationships. He likes to be roughed up, tied up and teased. So when he’s contacted about a training program that matches submissives to their ideal dom, he doesn’t ask any questions.

Director of the program, Aleril Toress, has seized the opportunity to pimp the benefits of her methods to a powerful new investor. Never one for words or promises, Aleril knows the only way to hook Draeldin Loreld, and his considerable fortune, is with a demonstration. But Draeldin has his own ideas about Nova’s training.

With so many strong personalities contending to determine his fate, Nova has no choice but to perform well. But if he does, he risks trapping himself between the ambitions of the program’s director and the desires of his potential dom.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: BDSM