Not So Friendly Intent

by Michele Lenard

Elliot – Fleeing to Shane after my engagement ended was supposed to make me feel better. And it did, until I started wondering why my relationships never make me as happy as my friendship with him. Big mistake. Now when I look at him, I don’t just see my best friend, I see the sexy quarterback single women all over the country lust after. I’d be a fool to risk our friendship by trying to redefine it. So, why did I bait him into something more?

Shane – My teammates think a newly single Elliot will be a distraction heading into the playoffs, but just because my best friend is hot doesn’t mean I want her. Or it didn’t, until she dared me to touch her. Now I finally get what my teammates saw all along, but admitting it will make them question where my head’s at. The game and the girl are within reach, and I intend to win both. Good thing I’m trained to perform under pressure.

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Category: Sports Romance

Purely Novel Intent

by Michele Lenard

Lisa – I never planned to write steamy romances, but what started as a way to pay the bills is now a pretty lucrative side hustle. That’s great for my bank account, but not so great for my dream of writing a children’s book. So, I took a job with an education company to learn more about my audience. Things started off great, until I met my boss’ brother, who could be my next cover model. Best not to let that slip though, since I didn’t put romance novelist on my resume.

Chris – I hate playing handyman for my brother’s fledgling company when my role is so much bigger, but I get his desire to succeed on his own merits. I’ll play along and pretend my contribution is limited to what I can do with my hands not my bank account, which gives me reason to bump into the beautiful new writer. But getting close to her is so wrong, since she doesn’t know I’m the one who writes her paycheck.

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