not bored

by Aurora Darklight

A carton of ice cream and an infomercial changed my life …
When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown with me, endless opportunities appear.
None of them make my heart flutter until I see him. Kent, a luxury hotel manager, is everything I could ever dream of in a man. Kind, thoughtful, a brilliant businessman, and game to join into any zany adventure I come up with. Not to mention he’s taller than me when I wear heels.
A guy like that would never like a girl like me.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

not hidden

by Aurora Darklight

Falling in love with a billionaire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
Kent did everything right. For the first time, I couldn’t see my life without a man in it. Our relationship wouldn’t have come without challenges since we lived and worked several hours by plane from each other, but that wasn’t insurmountable.
Until I found out who he really was. A billionaire that has the personal phone number of presidents and kings says he loves me – a curvy restaurant owner from a small town.
Can I trust him after he hid who he was from me? If I do, how do I fit in his world of power and prestige?

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