not aware

by Aurora Darklight

To save my sanity I turned off my soul …
A person can only handle so much torment and pain. I reached my limit well before I trusted the wrong boy in college. Now all I want is a safe predictable life. So what if the only emotions I have are pretend. The single bright spot in my life comes from my best friend Liz and the zany adventures she drags me along on.
Until Cal walks into my restaurant.
His eyes look like my soul feels.
Thanks to some “help” from my best friend, Cal now works for me, lives near me, and works out with me every morning. A curvy girl jogging with a Navy SEAL that isn’t a recipe for trouble. He’s sneaking his way into my life right in plain sight. It’s hard keeping him at arm’s length when he’s always there … Strong steady and oh so unsettling.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance