No Man Can Tame

by Miranda Honfleur

A human princess. A dark-elf prince. A kiss of fire and powder.

Princess Alessandra lives in a land torn apart by mutual hatred between the humans and the dark-elves. To heal it, her father decides she must marry one of the monstrous dark-elves and go on a Royal Progress across the kingdom to flaunt their harmonious union. But she has plans of her own…

When Prince Veron’s mother orders him to marry a self-absorbed human, he vows to do his duty regardless of his personal feelings. But when he meets the princess, he finds her rebellious and untamed—and not to be trusted.

Aless and Veron face opposition at every turn, from both humans and dark-elves alike, as well as their own feelings of dissonance toward each other. Can two people from cultures that despise one another fall in love? Can a marriage between them bond two worlds together, or will it tear them apart for good?

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Category: Fantasy Romance