Nina: The Sensual Society

by Jessica Fox

I’m Nina Cooper.
A good girl. Impossible to seduce.
Wanted by all, but conquered by none.
Free from the confines of my tiny hometown, I can hardly contain my excitement for day one of classes at the brand-new Palm University in sun-soaked Malibu, California.
Partly because I’m studying a degree I love, but mostly because I was accepted into Sensual Society.
I know as much about the secret club as you do.
Only that everyone wants in, and no one wants out.
When the invite to the Society’s private Sorority is slipped under my door, it’s a dream come true.
Especially when, on the first night of partying, I meet the most beautiful boy in the world.
Jace Robinson, a member of the Society’s Fraternity, steals my heart.
But before the night is through, I’ll have my first taste of darker secrets.
Because the Society itself wants more than just my heart.
They want my soul…

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Category: New Adult & College Romance