Night Whispers

by Calinda B

For two long terrifying years, Sakhi Borren, and her brother Reve, are headed to live at The Complex. An enclosed metal and concrete manufactured world on the barren planet Lorn, the Complex is some government’s version of a good idea. Its sole purpose is to “heal the rifts between warring races.” If she and her brother can survive to the end, they’ll leave, far richer. In the meantime, all they can look forward to is co-existing with criminals and the scumbags known as Metas.

Soon its evident someone is stalking her in her dreams. She suspects its her worst nightmare and her greatest enemy—the Meta assigned as her parole officer. He wants her eradicated—only after he seduces her.

With no one to turn to, she leans on her brother for strength and comfort. But he might have a few secret plans of his own that leave her with no recourse but to rely on her own faltering strength.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance