Night Moves: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance

by Lauren Milson

How did I end up alone in a hotel room with the only man I’ve ever wanted – my dad’s best friend?

Bad luck follows me. Within twelve hours, I had the cops called on me, my car broke down, and the on-campus apartment I’m supposed to move into isn’t ready yet.

But my luck changes when my dad’s cop friend offers to lend a hand.

Big, strong, powerful. Chris is the only man I’ve ever wanted, and I want him to see me as something more. So I do what seems like a good idea at the time – I put on a curve-hugging little white dress and ask him to drive me to a party on campus.

Turns out my plan worked a little too well, and when some frat guy jerk tries something with me, my dad’s friend goes into ultra-protective beast-mode.

He says I’m his. That no one is allowed to put a hand on me but him.

But does he just want to protect me and keep me safe – or does he want to do something else to me, too?

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Category: Erotic Romance