by Liza Penn & Natasha Luxe

Perfect for fans of Katee Robert and Ivy Smoak comes a new romance series that stokes the heat on your most forbidden superhero fantasies.
All-American Man: the Hero
Lillith Giles: his Fiancée
The Raven: the Villain out for revenge . . .

One year after All-American Man clipped my wings and left me for dead in the California desert, I’ve finally found the way to unseat the country’s most beloved Hero: by getting to his less-than-happy fiancée. Lillith Giles may be all smiles for the paparazzi, but I know a trapped bird when I see one.

My nemesis took what mattered most to me, so I’ll return the favor.

But then All-American Man tries to kill Lillith himself. Suddenly I’m her savior, and the more time we spend together, unraveling the threads of this golden-boy-turned-murderer, the more I have trouble staying a Supervillain who needs to take down his enemy.

I’m a Villain. She belongs to the Hero.

Do I want my revenge, or do I want her?

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Category: Paranormal Romance