Naughty Regency

by Viola Grey

A collection of divinely naughty, steamy stories set in Regency England. Featuring commanding, dominant Lords, losing their heads (and their hearts) to spirited, innocent and delightfully wanton ladies.

This box set of high-heat stories includes Dirty Dukes, light BDSM, domestic discipline, spanking, menage and the begetting of heirs in imaginative ways. Sweet HEA’s guaranteed.

This collection includes 10 Steamy Stories:

Disciplining His Bride
His new wife is spoiled, arrogant… and needs to be disciplined.

The Widow’s Scandalous Proposal
Recently widowed, Lady Fiona needs to conceive a child posthaste, and there is only one man she can turn to…

Mastered and Shared By The Duke
Married in haste to the cold and handsome Duke of Wessex, Lady Susan surrenders to his every command… and his desire to share her, in every way
Mastered By The Rake
There is nothing ladylike about a desire to be bound and taken, mastered… by London’s most notorious rake.

Tempting The Earl
How far can a lady tempt an Earl before he gives in…. and gives her exactly what she desires?

Riding Lessons With The Stablemaster
Anna proposes a sinful arrangement… she requires the services of a stud to beget an heir… will Evan agree to the duchess’s terms and help sire the next heir to the dukedom?

The Art Of Seduction
Innocent young Kitty is attending the dullest house party imaginable, when suddenly excitement, in the form of a handsome and mysterious admirer, sweeps her away into a passionate affair.

The Beast And The Wanton
Lord Alastair Wynn is scarred, brooding – utterly wicked… and determined to have her, at any cost.

As Her Duke Desires
When Penelope is discovered in a compromising position with her Duke’s valet, she finds herself torn between two choices…push him away and pretend nothing is amiss, or submit to the dark desire she sees in her husband’s stern gaze.

Claimed By A Gentleman
Who will she choose? Micheal has decided it will be him, even if he has to compromise and claim her completely to get his way…

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Category: Erotic Romance