Natural History: A Student Teacher Romance

by Margot Scott

Five years ago, I broke Alexis Kelley’s heart by denying her a kiss on her birthday. I broke it again the next morning when I accused her of framing me for a crime I didn’t commit against her family.

When I run into Alexis the night before I’m set to start my new job as a tenure-tracked professor at my alma mater, I expect her to tell me off. Then her brown eyes meet mine with the same intensity as before. Only, Alexis is all grown up now, with curves and a smile to die for.

I was too old for her then. That hasn’t changed, but I can’t keep my hands to myself. She’s everything my battered heart needs to be whole again.

The problem? She’s taking my Natural History course.

If her family finds out, my career is over, but loving her is worth the risk.

Alexis found her way back to me after all this time.

And I intend to keep her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance