My Totally Elfed Christmas

by Audrey Furnas

This Christmas, it isn’t the packages she needs. It’s the delivery boy.

Adia Bell’s family doesn’t just want to buck tradition. They plan to chuck it out altogether. Which is a problem since Adia has had a rough first semester at Avery University, and she’s expecting homemade pie and Christmas preparations to fix everything.

Miller is a UPS package handler who hopes the season will be over soon. He wants to keep a low profile and avoid anything festive. But when his merry new co-worker Adia befriends him, he finds it harder and harder to avoid holiday-related things.

Will Adia and Miller find in each other a way to redeem Christmas? Or will a short-term attraction only serve to derail both of their futures?

This book is for people who like reading about the struggle of growing up, enjoy unpredictable romances, and could be accused of having an addiction to the holiday season.

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Category: Holidays Romance