My Roommate’s Sexy Daddy

by Izzie Vee

My roommate is a mean bully,
So when she said her dad, Elliott, was stopping by, I knew what to expect,
Me and two devils in the small room.
Her father being twice as menacing as her,
But as soon as he entered, I knew I was wrong.
I couldn’t stop gushing,
His tattoo, his muscles, his smile, his voice,
My inexperienced body was reacting in ways it had never done before,
I know his type, the handsome, bad boy, player type,
Not-looking-to-settle-down type,
And I am not looking to lose my V-card to a one-night stand,
But then there was that little mistake, that little kiss,
Now he will stop at nothing to make me his,
And I can’t stop thinking of how this will destroy him and his daughter,
I can’t do it,
I can’t cross that forbidden line with Elliott,
As much as my body is screaming for it,
Or, am I already a kiss too late?

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Category: Erotic Romance