My Futa Robot: An Erotic Adventure

by Dean Wilder

When straight curious Ryan hears about a robot brothel in town, his interest is piqued. He books a session with a pretty transgender model, and when he gets to the facility, he’s floored by how lifelike the robot is.

With realistic skin, anatomically correct body parts, and natural human expressions, he’s quickly smitten with the fully animated android. As they strike up a conversation, Ryan begins to realize that the artificial intelligence of the robot allows it to learn and respond to his unique wants and desires.

He decides to take the robot home with him for a two-day trial, and when they finally make love, he finds it is more humanlike than he ever imagined. When the time comes to return her, Ryan is torn about saying goodbye to the perfect companion with whom he’s grown unusually close…

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Category: Erotica