My Fake Valentine

by Emily Bow

When a scandal threaten Easton’s chance to play in the majors, the hot baseball billionaire relies on the witty sorority girl back home to bail him out in this new standalone romance.

Valentina is used to fixing laptops and taking the extra jobs no one wants. She’s trying to find her place after her college volleyball dreams shatter. A romance with Easton Kentwell is not on her radar. She’s more into his stats—for her, it’s all love of the game. Not love of the pitcher. She’s beyond wary of a long-distance fling and is tired of having her heart tossed around as if it were a fastball. She wants a guy who is all-in.

Easton is her university’s hottest baseball hero. Handsome, athletic, and not interested in long-term. He’s aiming for the bachelor baller life he’s always imagined. But when his plans blow up, so does his career. He only wants one woman beside him to help him out of this jam. Will Valentina agree to be his fake valentine?

This captivating new book takes passion out to the ballpark and turns a game into true love in this fake romance turned real.

Rated R. Single female point of view. First person. Happily ever after.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance